A messaging platform for Web3
In this documentation, you can find Ghosty functionality and interact with our service to send messages, and read all data to integrate our features into your project.

What is Ghosty?

A messaging platform for Blockchain users to simply and instantly messaging across wallet-to-wallet on the Blockchain network.

Ghosty Features

  • Instant Chat
    Wallet-to-wallet instant chat with a Blockchain-compatible address.
  • End-to-end Encryption (Upcoming)
    Chat messages between signed-in addresses are encrypted by default.
  • Block Addresses (Upcoming)
    Getting spam by address? Block the owner from sending you messages.
  • Notifications (Upcoming)
    Receive notifications in your browser, or email.
  • Set Nickname
    Change the name of another user's address with the name you want.
  • Dark Mode (Upcoming)
    Treat your eyes with the dark mode feature.
  • Send Pictures (Upcoming)
    Share image with other user's address to easily get what you need to whom you want.
  • Edit Avatar (Upcoming)
    Replace your avatar with NFT Ghosty.
Last modified 6mo ago